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Emergency showers

Akuut Industrial is a producer of emergency showers, eye showers, and electric flow heaters. We offer a complete range of products and supplies. With our extensive experience in industrial installation technology, we can, if desired, take care of the entire installation and maintenance process for you. Take a look around our website or contact us for more information!

Safe Safety Equipment

Emergency and eye showers should be installed in areas where hazardous substances are handled or there is a risk of fire. The device must be accessible within 10 seconds in these cases to be able to flush the body or eyes.

Meeting Standards

Akuut Industrial BV's emergency showers deliver up to 80 liters of water per minute, and the eye showers provide a minimum of 12 liters per minute. They thereby exceed the requirements of the European standard NEN-EN 15154 and the American standard ANSI Z358.1-2009.

Legionella Control

Our emergency and eye showers are developed with a focus on safety, bacteria resistance, and easy maintenance. Leveraging our background in legionella control, we manufacture products that are highly resistant to bacterial growth.

We will also always alert you to the danger of bacterial growth in storage tanks. In this context, you will not find galvanized steel piping or materials not intended for the specific purpose in our products.

Water Temperature

Because the temperature of the flowing water can drop to as low as 5°C, there is a significant risk of the victim becoming hypothermic during 15-20 minutes of rinsing. Cold shock can also occur after rinsing with the prescribed time for eye showers. These are complications that a victim of burns or chemical injuries should never have to face. That's why we offer electrically controlled flow heaters for the heating of emergency and eye showers. This device heats the water only when the emergency or eye shower is activated and cools down immediately when the heat demand is terminated.

A Unique Product
With our electric flow heaters, we have a unique product in the Dutch market. You only need a water connection and electrical power. This device eliminates the need for a flue gas exhaust, gas connection, or air supply line, and its periodic maintenance is negligible compared to gas-fired appliances or electric boilers. In terms of sustainability, the electric flow heater proves its absolute added value by consuming energy only when there is a demand for water. For safety devices, this means only sporadic energy consumption.

Because we produce almost everything in our own workshop in IJmuiden, you can also come to us for customer-specific designs. If you have specific requirements regarding flow rate, temperature increase, and power, we will manufacture the electric flow heater exactly to your provided specifications.

Additional Benefit

The electric flow heaters are excellently suited for the (automatic) periodic thermal flushing of your drinking water installation in the context of legionella control.

Who Are We?
Akuut Industrial focuses on the production and installation of higher quality, more cost-effective, and efficient eye and emergency showers for industrial installations, laboratories, and offshore facilities. Legionella often proves to be a significant issue in these settings, typically resulting from the use of incorrect materials, lack of proper advice on legionella prevention, and insufficient options for periodic water renewal. We addressed this by producing the most legionella-unfriendly eye and emergency showers available in the market.

We only manufacture devices that meet the highest standards in terms of material and safety, and we can provide excellent advice on keeping your installations legionella-free. In collaboration with our sister company, Binkhorst Techniek, we offer a complete package, including design, production, installation, and maintenance. With our own workshop and warehouse, along with well-equipped service vans, we can address 90% of identified issues immediately during maintenance.

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